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Residents may see more projects funded by Livingston County's landfill fee fund


The county signed a host agreement with Allied Waste Industries in 1994 for two landfills. In 1996, the board approved spending landfill fee revenue on structures and property. On Tuesday, the board lifted that restriction.

How they voted

Yes: 19 members

No: John Spafford, Robert Weller and Roger Kirkton

Absent: Andrew Thompson, Arnold Natzke and Ronald Deany

By Karen Walters

PONTIAC — Almost $15 million in accumulated revenue could start paying for emergency services and other programs under new guidelines for spending landfill fees.

The County Board approved a resolution on Tuesday that allows the board to spend money generated from landfills in the county without restrictions. The money has been set aside since 1996 mostly for building projects and property.

County Board Chairwoman Jeanne Rapp said the change will allow the board to pursue long-term plans for the county.

"It's a way of giving back to the citizens of the county," Rapp said. "It allows the board to spend the money from the (landfill) host agreement."

Rapp said there is a list of about eight priorities for the money, including some expenses related to the proactive unit, which is a multiagency anti-drug and gang unit, or 911 emergency services.

Any money spent has to be approved by the board under the new resolution. Rapp said it could be a few months before the board takes action on spending any of the money.

Fees paid by waste disposal companies to deposit waste at the landfills near Pontiac and Streator have been used to build the new public-safety complex and set aside for a new nursing home.

County attorney Tom Blakeman said the board in recent years also has used the money to settle a lawsuit, buy squad cars for the sheriff's department and pay for operations at the nursing home.

The board approved transferring about $890,000 from the landfill fund to the general fund for the 2005-2006 fiscal year to cover general expenses and operating the new public safety complex. The landfill fund now has about $14.6 million.

The county entered into a host agreement with Allied Waste Industries, operator of the Pontiac and Streator landfills, in 1994.


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