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EUREKA — The Eureka Et Cetera Shop is expanding into home furnishings.

The thrift shop is sponsored by area Mennonite churches, with the bulk of its proceeds going to world relief efforts and local charities.

Last summer, the shop purchased the Hallmark building next door that housed the Woodford Theater until the early 1980s.  

“We have decided that a furniture — a home furnishings — store would be a good fit,” said manager Jaimie McFarlin. “We get furniture calls weekly. We spend a lot of time on furniture-related questions.”

The current shop is too small for furniture, but the new location will offer larger pieces, such as dining room tables, bookcases, and couches, and offer linens and domestics. A double door will be installed for unloading and loading furniture.

Shop leaders purchased the building from Jim Chambliss, who owned and operated the Hallmark store for 33 years. In the early 1990s, the Et Cetera Shop bought the Ben Franklin building from Chambliss' father, Virgil Chambliss.

“It felt like it stayed in the family both ways,” McFarlin said.

While exploring space above where Hallmark merchandise used to be, the staff discovered relics like movie projectors, ticket box, film reels, and the fire door, complete with a pulley system. They want to bring some of these elements into the store to celebrate the history of the building.

They also want to explore bringing back and lighting up the theater marquee windows, which have been boarded over and painted.

The home furnishings store should open by next summer. To volunteer, call McFarlin at 309-467-4211.


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