FORD COUNTY — The Republican race for Ford County treasurer has gone to Krisha Shoemaker of Paxton over Kasi Schwarz of Roberts.

With all precincts reporting, Shoemaker had received 976 votes and Schwarz had received 806 in Tuesday's primary.

No Democrat filed for the primary election. Shoemaker will be uncontested in November’s general election to replace interim treasurer Judy Hastings.

Shoemaker has taught math at Milford Grade School for 12 years and has degrees in education, actuarial science and accounting. Before she became a teacher, she worked as a financial manager at a childcare center in Urbana.

By using her experience in finance and math, Shoemaker said she plans to “bring some fresh ideas” to the county to “make things run more efficiently.”

She and her husband Kurt have one son.

Schwarz is a legal secretary for the Ford County State’s Attorney’s Office. She worked at the county courthouse for 10 years prior to being secretary.

Schwarz said she hopes to use her experience in government offices to stay transparent with taxpayers.

She has three daughters with her husband, Joe.

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