ROANOKE — The opportunity to recycle materials locally could soon become a thing of the past in Roanoke. 

A constant influx of nonrecyclable items being dropped off at the recycling bins is giving the Village Board cause to reconsider offering the service.

“The people are going to lose this if they don’t police it themselves,” said Mayor Mike Smith.

The board approved a one-year extended contract with Kev’s Kans, a Roanoke-based dumpster service, at the current rate. Both parties agreed they could and would end the service if it continues to be abused.

Kev’s Kans owner Kevin Wagner said he continues to see more and more non-recyclable items placed in and around the bins.

“We see it everywhere,” Wagner said. “The only way to stop it is to quit. There are days it just becomes a dumping ground.”

The village has offered the drop-off site for several years and recently considered curbside recycling through its garbage hauler. The proposal fell through when some residents opposed using special containers for automated pickup and when the cost skyrocketed as markets for recycled materials fell.

“Newspaper and cardboard are the only materials that make money,” Wagner said.

While board members and Wagner conceded some abuse was due to a lack of knowledge, they also realize residents and nonresidents are using the bins to get rid of unwanted waste.

“There’s a lot of people who love it and there’s a lot of people who abuse it,” Wagner said.


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