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BEATRICE, Neb. - When a buddy said they couldn't do it - play six rounds of golf in one day - that was all the challenge they needed.

At the Beatrice Country Club on Monday, Beatrice High School golf coach Dick Stuart, middle school teacher Ben Essam and golf pro Joel Brueggemann played 110 holes - two more than six rounds of 18 holes.

"We can't remember if it was while we were selling fireworks or when we were out here playing golf," Stuart said, "but we just decided we should get up some morning and see how many holes we could play."

"One hundred ten seemed like a good number," Stuart said. "We thought 110 sounded better than 108."

The original goal was 108 holes, because friend Jim Edwards said they couldn't do it.

Stuart, Essam and Brueggemann started their golf morning at 5:45 a.m. and finished at 9:15 p.m.

"We played the first four holes in the fog," Essam said.

For the six rounds, Brueggemann shot 431 - one under par of 432, which is six rounds on the par-72 course. His best round was a 68 on the fourth round.

Stuart shot 446, and Essam 494.

Although a world record was not their goal, they finished well short.

With the aid of a golf cart, Robb James of Canada played 851 holes at Victoria Golf Course at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, over 24 hours on June 21-22, 2004.

The most holes played in 24 hours of walking is 401, a feat achieved by Australian Ian Colston at Bendigo Golf Club, Victoria, Australia, on Nov. 27-28, 1971.


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