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I read with astonishment U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis' remarks with students from Decatur's Eisenhower High School. Unfortunately, it seems an accurate depiction of how he approaches concerns from constituents. If he does not agree, he is not open to considering constituents' perspectives.

His response to these students, quoting the Pantagraph, was that "the national conversation about school safety should steer clear of firearm restrictions and instead focus on identifying potential threats and providing more security resources such as armed officers."

He said this was based on his own experiences, but that leaves the experiences of thousands of constituents without any representation in Congress and disregards any sound research that may provide insight. Other countries have the same level of mental illness within their population as the U.S. but their regulations on guns result in safer communities.

Does U.S. Rep. Davis believe that the Second Amendment was written with the intent that every citizen have the right to own a bump stock or a high-powered automatic weapon and that they can acquire as many weapons and as much ammunition as they choose?

Does Davis think the men who wrote the Second Amendment felt it would be better to arm our teachers and have armed guards at every school, coffee shop, restaurant, church or temple? Could they have imagined the world in which we now live? I do not believe Davis' actions, based only on his experience and his financial support from the NRA, will make our schools and our neighborhoods safer.

Mary Campbell, Normal


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