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100 years ago

Aug. 12, 1918: Gerald Wunderlich, well-known Bloomington race car driver, set a new world’s record for the half-mile on a dirt track. He covered one lap at Burlington, Iowa, in 32 seconds, setting a new record at 54 miles per hour.

75 years ago

Aug. 12, 1943: Wartime in the farm community has resulted in a surge in 4-H membership, which now stands at 1.7 million nationwide. That’s an all-time high. A spokesman says the need for food has led 4-H clubs to set production goals, like feeding a soldier for a year and more.

50 years ago

Aug. 12, 1968: Pfc. Gary Feicke was injured when he stepped on a booby trap in Vietnam. He has been transferred to a hospital in Tokyo. Feicke is a BHS graduate. His parents, now living in Richmond, Ind., say they’ve had no word from him since his transfer to Japan.

25 years ago

Aug. 12, 1993: When Robert Thomas died, he left his Washington Street home to United Way to be used as a hospice for AIDS victims. Thomas and his wife both had AIDS. The amount of money isn’t known and the house is in an upscale area so the future of the bequest is unclear.

Compiled by Jack Keefe;