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100 years ago

Sept. 12, 1918: There was a surprising discovery from France, where it was confirmed that Germany is now using women as military pilots. The discovery was made when a dead pilot, shot down by an American plane, was found to be female. American forces buried her.

75 years ago

Sept 12, 1943: Hitler and Tojo were hanged in effigy — dummies — on the courthouse lawn. This was part of a war loan campaign. Young vandals tore the dummies down and scattered them. Workmen gathered the remains and will patch them back together for the next hanging.

50 years ago

Sept. 12, 1968: Normal’s First National Bank has a new part-time custodian. Usually that’s not news, except for his name — Jesse James, same as the notorious bank robber of the old days. Bank spokesmen are already explaining: “Jesse will clean up the bank … not clean it out.”

25 years ago

Sept. 12, 1993: The Rev. Clarence Mankin is pursuing his dream of cultivating a mega-church on Bloomington’s southeast side. In three years, he hopes to have a Lutheran church with a worship arena that seats 3,000 people — and later a school that includes a four-year high school.

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Compiled by Jack Keefe;