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100 years ago

June 13. 1918: Cpl. Owen M. Morris of Mackinaw has been recommended for a medal for his part in saving two drowning officers. They were swept out to sea by the undertow in the Dominican Republic. Morris rescued them after several tries, battling the undertow himself.

75 years ago

June 13, 1943: Chief Waters reports the Bloomington fire loss totals for May will probably total $30 or less. That’s almost a dollar for every day in the month. If the figure holds up, it will be the lowest reported total damage figure in years.

50 years ago

June 13, 1968: It took two hours to control a fire at the Hygrade Meat Products plant on South East Street. It broke out as police investigated vandalism of 13 squad car tires behind the police station a block away. Cops haven’t found a connection, and the fire shows no signs of foul play.

25 years ago

June 13, 1993: The Revs. Francis Wendling and Stephen Schneider, both at St. Mary’s Church, will leave to tend other flocks. Wendling is off to Galveston; Schneider to Louisville, Ky. Schneider has also been chaplain to Bloomington’s police and fire departments.

Compiled by Jack Keefe;