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We proudly support wind turbines in Barnett Township, DeWitt County. We  reside within the boundaries of the proposed wind turbine project, between two long-established electrical power grids. A proposed wind turbine site being located on and surrounding our  farmland was attractive to us, so much so we considered the project an asset from the onset, never ever a determent.

Subsequently we and our three sons willingly signed a land lease with Tradewind Energy. The idea of rising each morning for the rest of our lives to see our farmland produce crops, as well as the Illinois prairie wind generate clean and efficient electrical power, is our version of our dream come true. In addition, the vision of sunrises and sunsets behind the proposed wind turbines surrounding our farm is an awesome sight to behold, not an eyesore.

The noise factor of operating wind turbines exaggerated by many; the sounds of passing vehicle motor traffic and train whistles, as well as crop dusting planes and helicopters are all much louder than wind turbines. Wildlife will adapt to and thrive within the environment, not diminish. Studies have shown that property values have risen, not declined, within established wind turbine projects.

We heartily welcome and fully support the Alta Farms Wind Project II without reservation. Let's all join together to make this project a success for all.

Roger & Becky Fatheree, Clinton

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