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In 1972, my dad was a production manager for a Lincolnshire-based aluminum manufacturer. During the summer, he was charged with the responsibility to plan and prepare the annual company picnic bash that included a $1,000 budget for a toy giveaway to all children.

Among the toys were huge yellow, steel Tonka trucks. My eight-year-old selfish self wanted one. My dad told me, “No.” He said that the trucks (the nicest toys) were for the Mexican children of factory workers. He made certain that those children received first crack at the best toys.

I asked my dad, “Why?” My dad explained, “But for the Mexicans, the company wouldn’t make a cent and would be shortly out of business.”

My dad realized his executive job and company survival depended on cheap labor. In a larger context, he understood that free market capitalism exploited undocumented, hard-working Mexicans. Thousands of American businesses encouraged them to bring their families.

As a compassionate, fair-minded nation, we owe the Dreamers, the children of these hard workers, to reinstate DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. My dad understood that nearly a half-century ago.

Lawrence Necheles, Pontiac


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