A constant debate continues about when life begins. The opposite sides of abortion have widely different opinions about this.

For a while, I have wondered about this dilemma. My perspective of life is that only one instance happened for the beginning of life. God started life in our first parents of the human family, Adam and Eve. God made life that instant and life continues by the union of sperm and egg, which has life in each.

I'm pro-life and I do believe that conception begins a new baby as an innocent defenseless human being created with intention by God’s sovereignty. Why is there an ongoing argument about life begins?

God started life many thousands of years ago and it is a form of reproduction according to his perfect will. Scientists and doctors have known for decades about life in the sperm and egg. I ask, will this end the debate of life? In spite of pro-choice or abortion advocates thinking the life is a choice to be determined arbitrarily, the science proves it is alive already. Or the pro-life community saying that life begins at conception is rather odd. This is just a simple explanation of the sanctity of life, which I firmly believe in. Life comes from life; it is never just beginning.

Creator God started life and wants the human family to be fruitful and multiply. I ask an end to the debate of when life begins, regardless of abortion debate.

Leon Kaeb, Bloomington

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