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Now that the elections are over … what a great relief. Isn’t it about time that this nation’s people realize what life is all about and why there are so many tragedies in this nation and around the world?

Politics will never find the answer because there is too much money, greed, selfishness, power, apathy, arrogance, and lack of discipline and common sense involved in doing the duty of legislators to make good decisions. I might also add that we hardly hear of anyone that asks God for help or gives God the credit for the many absolute blessings He has allowed this nation for decades.

Discipline in the family has gone downhill and almost neglected. Not only is family to blame, but psychologists, teachers and even church are losing discipline that is needed to keep harmony and uprightness in control. The only place to find all the answers is in the Holy Bible.

John Gramm, Gridley


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