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I am glad that I can get the news from The Pantagraph and don’t have to depend on TV or any other sophisticated device.

On Oct. 8, I read the article “Trump defends Syria move.” What really caught my eye was Trump promised to destroy the Turkish economy, “‘If Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off-limits.’”

To me this sounds like an egotistic dictator.

Hitler also wanted to rule the world.

Well, I’m glad I read the column on the Oct. 6 opinion page by Ivan Eland. A very commonsense piece named “A rogue presidency.” He said, “Few commentators have explored how we have arrived at this juncture” and “How did we arrive at a presidency grown so powerful that one incumbent could create such chaos.”

He excellently explained how we have fallen away from the checks and balances that our forefathers wrote into the Constitution, and it has mostly happened since Franklin Roosevelt was president. He mentioned that the Framers of the Constitution “would turn over in their graves” if they would see the “excessive executive powers” being stretched the present “ruthless incumbent.”

This is a certainty that this whole world is in the “latter” or last days, and the prophesies in the holy bible are true and coming to pass. Globalization is making an impact.

Wake up, America; wake up, world.

John Gramm, Gridley

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