Letters to the editor

Who else notices the blind hatred of some Democrat congressional members against the president of the United States?

Last Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry from her podium; however, no vote from the floor of the House of Representatives officially authorized this inquiry. Why did Nancy take this shortcut to tell us fellow Americans of this poor and totally politically driven impeachment inquiry? I think to shield the extremist Democrats in her caucus from casting a public vote with this 116th Congress, and proving its very poor performance.

I watched the hearing of Director MaGuire. Chairman Schiff is a funny actor as chairman of the committee starting off with a silly parody of the phone transcript of President Trump. That proves this inquiry has no seriousness about it. Honestly, I think Speaker Pelosi has met her Waterloo and her downfall awaits soon ahead. Plus, the Biden campaign is wringing its hands with embarrassment and shame because of his dastardly plot in Ukraine with son Hunter.

Yep, Joe will fall hideously upon the muck of poor American leaders. He will sink out of the 2020 campaign. Some Dems have tried to knock him out from the very beginning. President Trump will rally his followers and crowds will grow with each campaign rally.

Leon Kaeb, Bloomington

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