Letters to the editor

It seems the local Democratic party still employs Chicago-style politics. The latest case in point is the August county finance committee meeting.

Although not required, County Clerk Kathy Michael presented a preliminary budget report for 2020 which included plans for improvements, such as more polling places, additional election judges and replacing outdated equipment. Her projections were well within reasonable ranges.

The Democrat board members invited several activists. They were prepared to attack the report and revisit false charges of voter suppression. They proceeded to challenge the budget process without any factual basis for their charges. It was a return to their old tired campaign tactics.

Kathy was not required to advise the finance committee on the budget process but wanted to maintain transparency. The kind of accusations that have been made were as much an attack on the county clerk’s office as the clerk herself.

The voter suppression she was accused of would happen only with the concerted effort of the office staff. There has never been evidence or a formal charge of such behavior against the clerk’s office. The voters rejected these accusations in 2018 by overwhelmingly reelecting Kathy.

We are fortunate to have a strong defender of the election process in Kathy Michael. Voters need to prepare for another round of false accusations and character defamation from the local Democratic party. The McLean County Republicans will strive to keep the election process on civil terms and deal with facts.

Connie Beard, Bloomington

The writer is chair,

McLean County Republicans

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