Many people see climate change as a environmental issue but it can actually be a social one as well. Climate change is one of the biggest issues in the world and it is overlooked by many people.

This is a big issue because of the types of people that are most affected by it. For example, local farmers, because they already struggle trying to make profits off of their crops and trying to keep their crops healthy. Climate change can cause temperatures to fluctuate, which can cause the change of production patterns, which may result in the loss of crops; or the market for the particular crop they are selling might not be high in demand.

These issues could cause a collapse of the income for that family, which might be the only type of income in that family.

To try and solve this problem, we should recognize it as a real issue and make people aware of it and what they can do to help change this in a positive way.

I think it is interesting how climate change affects people and I think it is a really big issue. It is not really considered a social issue by some people and that is what interests me the most, because if you look at credible news sources, it shows that climate change plays a huge part in people's lives, just not in the U.S. but all around the world.

Ryan Lackey, Bloomington


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