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Once upon a time most parents felt good about sending their children to college. Not anymore.

Today, many of our colleges and universities are nothing more than expensive, ideology reeducation centers designed to gradually entwine socialistic ideologies into the vulnerable minds of recent high school graduates. But, don’t worry. These ideologies are progressive. In other words, socialistic.

In reality, these institutes of higher learning are brimming with unabashed, progressive reeducation professors who, on a daily basis, weave their big government ideology into the minds of students. In truth these students are held captive to these instructors and their ideologies in what was once a top-notch college education.

The fact that colleges and universities have given tenure to these professors is their golden ticket to take full advantage of this protection and use it to the student’s detriment. The fact that highly paid college instructors and professors are shielded from performance-based evaluations is appalling. No wonder parents are shocked when their children come home and find out that they are now espousing a government is best philosophy.

All of this has given rise to online degrees and Christian-based colleges and universities. Parents today are quickly learning that an Ivy League education is no longer attractive or necessary. There are other options that represent a true quality education, devoid of any socialistic indoctrination. Wake up parents. Progressives are targeting your children. Teach them while you can.

Brian Naber, Normal 

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