On May 9, The Pantagraph published a column by syndicated columnist Michael Reagan. Here are some pithy quotes from Mr. Reagan's piece:

".. rude, Trump-deranged, visibly stupid Democratic senators"; "nasty Kamala Harris"; "deranged Dems"l "patriotically challenged appointees who ran the Obama FBI"; "delusional Democrats"; and, finally, "rogue gang of Obama/Hillary Democrats."

Ironically, Pantagraph guidelines for letters to the editor state "All letters must be civil in tone; personal attacks and name-calling are not permitted."

Mr. Reagan's diatribe vacillates between ad hominem assertions and name-calling, and it seems totally lacking in civility or substance.

I applaud the standards that The Pantagraph upholds for those who write letters to the editor and I suggest that syndicated columnists be held to similar standards.

Rants like that of Mr. Reagan have no place on the editorial pages of a respectable newspaper.

John Pryor, Bloomington


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