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This is a battle cry to raise awareness for community action and funds to open up a facility for troubled youth with mental health problems. I feel like Bloomington-Normal is a great place to live and raise our families but for troubled black youth and single mothers the battle cry is loud. I think if officials can pay $39 million for a new county jail why can't someone help build a community center just as productive to help keep the youth out of the justice system? I feel like our community is saddened by the recent murders this year but no one know what the youth battling far as mental health issues, drug addictions, P.T.S.D. — they suffer from it just like Army soldiers.

Everyone says stay in school, say no to violence but that's not realistic. We have to say yes to these problems to address them head on. And to do that we need to start with a community center that feels like family and fun and love, because that is a missing piece to the puzzle of the troubled youth. If  we don't do something we will lose our kids to the grave or prison and if that's the end result then the battle cry I scream is " Stay out the way."

Chris Wakefield, Bloomington 


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