Letters to the editor

This is an open letter to Congressmen Rodney Davis and Darin LaHood:

President Donald Trump recently released a summary of a telephone call in which Trump asked the president of the Ukraine for help in investigating alleged wrongdoing by one of Trump’s political rivals, Joe Biden, and his son. Soliciting help from a foreign country in a political election is a clear violation of U.S. law.

I encourage Davis and LaHood to put aside partisanship and vote to impeach Donald Trump. Impeachment is analogous to an indictment. It does not prove guilt. Impeachment occurs when there is sufficient evidence to believe that high crimes or misdemeanors are likely to have been committed.

Impeachment allows all of the evidence to be investigated and presented in an open court. Trump has admitted his soliciting help from the Ukrainian president. This fact alone warrants impeachment.

No one is above the law and history will judge harshly anyone who sides with a president who maintains he is. I appeal to a sense of justice and patriotism on the parts of Davis and LaHood. Do the right thing. Vote for impeachment.

John Pryor, Bloomington

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