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Addressing our Republican congressmen, I am someone who, after the 100% party-line vote about Clinton’s impeachment, has avoided the amorality of the two major political parties.

In the hopes of guiding our country, I ask you to consider the values that this administration is evidencing for our young people — especially fourth- and fifth graders, the generation who are your children and grandchildren. The insults, the prejudices, the fear, the denial of checks and balances, the coarse language, the hostility and silence about hate, the unfairness to women, the denial of science — these are the kind of matters that we teach our little children to avoid in kindergarten.

If you want your own family to follow the example at the top of our political and civil world then, by all means, fight the impeachment investigations, along with your Republican brethren. If you want your children to absorb the negativity the administration creates on TV, at rallies, on published tweets, on headlines and articles — your sponge-like children will soak it in; they will think, as young people do, everybody does it — and so our teachers were wrong.

A lover of the Christian scripture, an appreciator of our Jewish tradition, I ask you to consider the truth out there, the kind of truth that creates faith in our country, our concern for family and fellow citizens. I beg you to join the repentant side of our heritage and cast ideologies aside for the sake of opened eyes — for the sake of our children.

Joris Heise, Bloomington

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