The Pantagraph ran a piece (April 23, 2019) detailing the gun “sanctuary county” movement here in downstate Illinois facilitated by several state prosecutors and county board members. Some of those state’s attorneys (the chief county law enforcer) pledged not to prosecute gun laws they personally decide are not worth enforcing. A few years ago, the McLean County state’s attorney decided on his own to not enforce gun crime laws.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx exercised proper and legal prosecutorial discretion to drop the Jussie Smollett charges of lying to police. There were several problems with the evidence. Namely, it was weak. The entire case was based on the self-serving statements of two men who were suspects themselves.

The Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association, in an unprecedented move, publicly excoriated Foxx for her handling of the Smollett matter. How rich and hypocritical.

The prosecutors' bar is silent on its downstate members’ unlawful, selective, arbitrary actions to not enforce gun crimes and statues. Foxx didn’t refuse to enforce the law; she simply stated the evidence was weak and could not prosecute. A vast difference.

Ironically, it is the Cook County state’s attorney who knows the value of her case and chooses to focus on gun crimes and violence. I guess downstate prosecutors don’t mind guns and are OK with being viewed as soft on guns and gun crimes.

Lawrence Necheles, Pontiac


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