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November is here and the countdown to the election has begun. If it's true every cloud has a bright silver-lining, maybe the darkness is nearly over?

Unfortunate as turns of events have been with elections and with my own GOP the last two to three years, two milestones happened that I once would never have thought possible:

1: Of 17 traditional candidates, all were rejected except for the loud sensationalist that stood out most as exact opposite of the tired and stale, out-of-touch and irrelevant status-quo candidates like Huckabee, Santorum and Cruz.

2: Polls told us that more than ever, voters of both parties stepped out of their comfort zones, supporting a candidate they possibly would never have before.

So, cross your fingers folks! ’Cuz if the stars align and these two never-before occurrences happen again in 2020, and IF our candidates can become higher quality than the two we suffered through in 2016, can you imagine how GREAT we could be - and the levels of true prosperity and restored moral standing that await us and those around the world who once revered us?

America? We’re mere months away from possibly being a restored power of good in the world!

Kevin Olomon, Bloomington

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