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Over the years I’ve observed U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin’s career. First, he fooled me into voting for him because he assured us he was a moderate who could compromise. Later, I realized he was really a clever, capable, hard-nosed partisan. Then, I found out he was heavily tied into special interests when I watched C-Span hearings and heard him advocate unlimited compensation for trial attorneys.

Now, I watched him do a classic piece of backstabbing by coming out of a closed meeting and destroying momentum toward solving immigration issues by attacking the president. 

Next, U.S. Sen. Schumer uses the 60-vote Senate rule to lead his Democrats into the government shutdown desert. Good job, Democrats, you put the welfare of our country last every time.

It never used to be that way. Now we have a shut-down reprieve until Feb. 8. Will the two parties work together and get rational legislation through? Or will we continue to have our pilots falling out of the skies and our sailors drowning in the seas because Democrats refuse to realize we must fully fund our military on a long-term basis and before any other political priority? Hang on, Feb. 8 is coming.

Sue Spakowski, Normal 


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