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I am writing this letter to express my extreme disappointment with the DeWitt County Board. The Regional Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals were tasked with research and recommendations on ordinance changes concerning the wind turbines considered for DeWitt County. It was obvious they had done research prior to meetings and asked lots of questions. Both committees unanimously voted to recommend the ordinance changes.

At the April board meeting six of the board members decided to vote against recommendations of a height limit of 499 feet. Those board members were Lance Reece, Randy Perring, Jay Wickenhauser, Scott Nimmo, Cris Rogers and Sue Whitted.

Of these, Rogers and Whitted represent my district. I usually do not get involved in campaigns but this fall I will be actively campaigning against these two members. I can accept someone having a different opinion than I have but to blatantly disregard the recommendations of these committees is unacceptable.

I would recommend that all residents in DeWitt County look at this list and vote accordingly this fall.

Kathy Evans, Clinton


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