DeWitt wind farm worth our support

DeWitt wind farm worth our support

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Letters to the editor

I am writing to voice my support for the Alta Farms wind project in DeWitt County. I am a resident and I believe this is a tremendous opportunity we should not pass up!

I have attended many of the board meetings and have heard the arguments against this project. That is just what they are, disagreements. For every fact that says these are horrible devices riddled with danger, you can find the opposite argument based in science. We could go on and on in this way, so it comes down to opinions, really.

I would like to plead to everyone’s common sense. It is good sense to offer more jobs here, no matter the timeline. It is good sense to secure income for our schools. It is good sense to be good stewards of the earth. The heart of the Midwest, that beautiful earth. Adding another resource to harvest here can only strengthen the generations of family farms.

It is good sense to what is in the best interest for the greater good, not a small percentage of people who oppose growth and progress. Let’s be sensible and take care of our county. 

Brigitte Lamar, Clinton


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