I was stunned by the news of a mass shooting when many innocents were killed when they least expected it. This was in Orlando in 2016 at a gay nightclub. The people who were killed didn’t even know who was killing them and why. Unfortunately we were reminded recently that the same terror and hatred is still alive in different corners of the globe.

The terror attack was on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and killing of 50 people just because they were Muslims. So I started to ponder, why was I, as an individual, not very vocal about a similar attack that happened in Orlando? Was it because this one happened to Muslims so my reaction is different? Well, of course it is, but I realized something more than before. Terrorism, hatred, violence does not have a religion, faith, country, nation, skin color or sexual orientation.

They were humans before anything that sets them apart and every human deserves a life with safety, respect, freedom and love.

So for all the victims and their families of Orlando mass shooting and all other such tragedies, I am sorry for what happened to you; you certainly did not deserve this. Terrorism and violence has no space in our worlds; the rest we can figure out, as we most often do, like regular decent folks.

Terrorists do not discriminate among innocents; we should not discriminate among them either!

Jibran Naseer, M.D., Bloomington


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