Letters to the editor

Sexism must go, but not before old right-wing white guys are no longer the majority in all levels of government.

We have watched the Republicans vilify women who represent a threat to their kingdom. They spent $65 million making Nancy Pelosi sound like a witch when she was speaker of the House under Obama. With all the new women coming into government, they will be working hard to convince us that women running for office are too emotional, unlikable, unpatriotic, uppity and have low IQs.

As long as our government is controlled by people whose brains have marinated in testosterone too long, we will have unnecessary wars like Vietnam and Iraq, poor heath care, racism, sexism and no cure for the violence that permeates our society. If we can continue to elect women to all levels of government, we can enjoy a better quality of life for all Americans.

Mike Kerber, Normal


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