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Some of the everyday products we all use like laundry detergent, makeup and allergy medicine are tested on animals in laboratories. These animals endure painful procedures like inhaling toxic fumes, performing experimental cornea eye surgery and having them eat pesticides.

Of those animals in laboratories, beagles are preferred for their docile nature and size. Beagles are mainly used for toxicology studies, pumping chemicals, pesticides and household products into their bodies. Every year about 60,000 beagles are used in laboratories.

There are groups like the Rescue Freedom Project, that work with the laboratories to rescue animals and try to find them homes. The Rescue Freedom Project, or R.F.P. is currently trying to pass a bill called the Beagle Freedom Bill that offers dogs and cats a chance at adoption after laboratories are finished with them. So far only nine states have passed the bill.

It may seem like there is not much you can do, but simply buying cruelty-free products can make a difference. You can help spread the word for the Beagle Freedom Bill and help it to get passed in more states, and if you really want to help, you can apply to be a foster for one the animals rescued through R.F.P., and give them a second chance. Ones of our beagles Leo, was a rescue through R.F.P., after being in a laboratory for three years. It may be small, but anything you can do to help will make a difference in this horrible industry.

Ava Novack, Normal 

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