Everyone has a right to stay well

Everyone has a right to stay well

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Letters to the editor

About freedom. Yours, and mine. Reality: When my freedoms bump up against your freedoms and your freedoms bump up against my freedoms, one or both of our freedoms are limited. You may believe COVID-19 is just a hoax and you do not wear a mask. I believe my age and underlying health issues make me a high risk with COVID-19. I wear a mask. If we meet in the grocery store, you take away my freedom to be safe.

In this country you are free to believe anything. However, you may not be free to act on your beliefs. A religious group may not perform human sacrifice. And, the handling of deadly snakes in worship is not allowed. A Jehovah’s Witness is free to refuse a blood transfusion because of their beliefs. They may not refuse a blood transfusion for a child in need.

So, if you are offended by the government not allowing you the freedom to worship during the spread of a voracious virus, get over it. When your beliefs risk the lives of others, your religious freedom is limited in this nation. The so-called “Golden Rule,” “Love your neighbor as yourself,” is found in virtually every major faith tradition. So, love yourself and love others as well. Keep distant. Cover your mouth and nose. Sneeze into your elbow. And wash your hands frequently. Be safe and be well. And most important, respect the right of others to be safe and well.

James H. Turner Jr.,



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