Think about this: 16 million children go hungry every year. Now think about it this way: Approximately 44,000 children goes hungry every day.

While you are sitting down at your kitchen table eating your dinner tonight, think about all of the children who were only able to eat the food that they got from school because it is free; then the weekend comes and these children don't have school and they go the weekend without eating or with eating very little food.

Also, what about summer? When summer comes around, there is no school and these children go every day either without eating or eating very little food.

There are so many restaurants that just throw away extra food that they have, but they could give the food to these children and families that are going hungry.

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Also, we are sending all this food and resources to these other countries to help them, but what about everyone in our country who needs our help? I get that we have a promise to help any country in need, but we also have a promise to help our citizens in need, too. These children are the future; they are CEOs, presidents, surgeons, farmers, etc. These children are the people who are said to change the world, but if they are going hungry then there will be no children to change the world.

With your help we can change this and help change the world as well.

Kenneth Holdman, Bloomington

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