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I was raised to respect my elders and those in authority over me; however, the last few years this has become increasingly difficult to maintain.

My point in a nutshell: It's way past time for the U.S, Congress and the president to find a way to work out their differences without shutting down the government! After all, they were elected to make American's lives better, not worse.

This lunacy of disrupting everyone's lives must end. For someone who was "alleged" to be such a "wonderful" negotiator, he is certainly not impressing me. But all the blame doesn't rest just with the president. They all need to find a way to compromise.

And for those in our government who don't know what compromise means: Give and take, not just take! Not just your way!

You are so concerned about the "border wall," but what about the thousands of employees you have put out of work? Not just regular employees, but contract employees as well who depend on those paychecks to meet their monthly obligations.

Not all Americans are billionaires and can afford to go without a paycheck, Mr. Trump!

And to the Illinois Legislature: Spend more time on making sure we had a budget instead of turning out such ridiculous laws like driving in the left lane and opening your door with your right hand. One of the last acts of a dying organization is to turn out a larger rule book!

Thomas Grubb, El Paso

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