Letters to the editor

We were gone for a couple of weeks, and missed all the hoopla about Trump colluding with the Ukraine to get some dirt on Joe Biden’s son. However, it appears that the current Congress that likes to investigate rather than legislate is all over it.

The majority of Democrat lawmakers think it’s time to impeach the president. I sincerely hope the House follows through with this endeavor. I can’t wait to see the frustrated looks on the faces of the Democratic Party leaders when the Senate fails to remove Trump from office. It will also validate what many Americans know to be true. And that is the fact that we are burdened with a do-little Democratic-controlled House at least until fall of 2020.

Hopefully, more Americans will realize this obvious neglect, and vote accordingly next year. With the momentum being carried by our great economy, it is time to work on infrastructure improvements, immigration reform, enhanced border protection, solidifying trade agreements, and other high priority issues. Working full time to investigate the other two branches of the U.S. government for political gain is not the purpose of the House of Representatives, even though the Dems and biased media want you to believe it is.

In all of my lifetime I have never witnessed a body of government more unresponsive to its constituents’ needs than today’s U.S. House of Representatives. Come on voters, let’s unite and fix this glitch next year when we get the chance!

Rick Skelley, Bloomington

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