Letters to the editor

It was recently announced that Tulsi Gabbard has qualified to be on the stage as a Democratic candidate for the presidency at the party’s upcoming mid-October debate. That is a good thing. I want her voice to be heard as widely as possible.

In an interview, she called for the Democratic Party to hold a debate solely on foreign policy. We need to hear the candidates’ thinking on issues that will ultimately come down to war or peace.

Of course, Congresswoman Gabbard has based her campaign on those very issues. “As commander-in-chief I will work to end the new cold war.” And she has said that she will end these “wasteful regime change wars.”

What does she mean by “the new cold war”?

What did she learn during her trip to Syria?

And how did she, as a member of Congress, come to introduce into our House of Representatives the Stop Arming Terrorists Act?

It would be incredibly important to hear a person with her background have a chance to speak on how she came to hold the views she holds.

Gregg Brown, Bloomington

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