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I love this country and hate the declining political atmosphere I have witnessed over the years since I proudly graduated from Normal Community High School. As a truly innocent farm boy, I was happy being a citizen of, what I felt, was the greatest country anyone would want to live in.

At 65, I have witnessed, Kennedy's Cuba crisis, Johnson's civil rights bill, Nixon's Watergate, Ford's golfing gaffs, Carter's unfortunate leadership, Reagan's "tear down this wall," H.W. Bush's "Read my lips," Clinton's "swagger," G.W. Bush's Iraq, Obama's "hope and change," and now Donald Trump.

He came in as a person who had no chance; he is now our president.

The men before him had their own agendas and flaws that we survived.

None have been so judged, investigated or ridiculed simply for trying to repair so many problems that our politicians, over the years, have kicked down the road.

Our younger generations would be wise to enlighten themselves as to the opportunity this country could have afforded them if only someone would have stood up for all of us sooner.

I hope you had a chance to listen to the president's State of the Union speech and ponder your own thoughts, not what someone leads you to think.

I feel fortunate to live in a strong community that cares for all its members and ask you to please give this man a chance to finish setting our nation back on course to its potential.

Thank you all.

David Nord, Bloomington


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