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An October letter missed the mark assessing the Brett Kavanaugh situation. Being more concerned about sons than daughters indicates a disturbing gender bias for the GOP to exploit. About 70 percent of sexual crimes go unreported while fake allegations comprise just 2 percent to 8 percent of reported cases.

Remember the Republicans did not hesitate ruining a young White House intern’s life after she engaged in a consensual, but inappropriate, encounter with Bill Clinton. The ultimate quest for power was the Starr investigation and report in which Kavanaugh’s participation was crucial, plus the ensuing impeachment and trial engineered by a GOP House. Voting for Republicans will not solve abuse and false allegations problems, but evaluating the facts might.

The Kavanaugh vs. Ford hearing demonstrated how inadequate parental supervision and guidance during their teenage years led the boys to illegally consume alcohol frequently, probably causing memory issues, and Ford to make a risky decision to party with them. Kavanaugh’s friend was an alcoholic who abused drugs and their yearbook showed crude disrespect for girls. Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates reported he drank heavily, so inappropriate sexual behavior likely occurred.

Young men and women must choose friends wisely, avoid alcohol and drugs and interact appropriately so reputations and lives will not be destroyed by abuse or false allegations. But most importantly, parents must provide effective oversight of teenagers. Manipulation of the gullible using fear to maintain a corrupt plutocracy must be rejected whenever one votes.

Linda L. Doenitz, Bloomington

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