Letters to the editor

“Moscow Mitch” McConnell has been in the headlines. He has refused to call a vote on bipartisan bills to curb foreign influence on the 2020 election. A rich Russian investing in Kentucky is the obvious reason.

McConnell also blocks rational firearm legislation on registration and assault weapons. In 2016 a highly qualified Supreme Court nominee never got a vote because of Mitch.

Nancy Pelosi blocks legislation she doesn’t like, from both the left and the right.

Trump has a veto but he won the election, or rather Hilary lost it, so his veto is legitimate.

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At the state level, Michael Madigan has been the most powerful man for decades. So, Illinois has no pension reform or semblance of a balanced budget.

Why do we have legislative bodies that allow this, and legislators who blindly play “follow the leader” in votes and media interviews? George Will properly describes them as spectators.

Daniel G. Deneen, Bloomington

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