After our usual Easter family potluck, Grandpa held court. He told of his father’s birth in Germany, but the birth certificate showed New York City. Grandma told us later that he had made this claim on previous occasions.

Grandpa went on to the “windmills” being built in the countryside. He proclaimed that the noise from them causes cancer. Grandpa followed up by saying that he wanted to know more about the “oranges” of the decision to build these cancer-causing “windmills." He repeated his deep desire to get at the “oranges” two more times.

We all re-gathered around the fire, where Grandpa fell asleep in his easy chair. Everyone else then fled to the kitchen with a common purpose — how could we get Grandpa to the doctor for a comprehensive mental health examination? The need was obvious and urgent.

OK — I made up my Grandpa story, but it was built, of course, on three claims made by Donald J. Trump over a day or two. Yes, that his father was born in Germany, when he was born in New York City; that the noise from “windmills” causes cancer; and that he wanted to get to the “oranges” (three times) of the Mueller investigation.

But statements that would raise deep concern about the mental health of a grandpa are largely ignored when they are uttered by President Trump, the person we should most expect to display high mental health. I am frightened by his mental ill health. 

Herman Brockman, Congerville


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