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I recently saw a video on Rodney Davis' Facebook page where his wife says, "He wants to make sure that everybody has the healthcare they want..."

OK! With federal tax revenues around $3.18 trillion, and only 3.7% unemployment, it seems that the money we have worked for and paid into our government could be doing more for us, the people.

Why not "Healthcare for All?"

Why does our employer-based private health insurance system allow a medical group to bill two times for one visit? (They can bill once for a "physical" and again if the MD also renews prescriptions). One visit - almost $500! How does a physical therapy group bill private insurance almost $1,800 for 3.5 hours of physical therapy?

This is NOT the healthcare that I want; not at all.

We the people want the purchasing power that will keep costs down, eliminating the higher costs we have now for those paying cash.

We the people need prescription prices lowered to the rates other countries pay, which is one-third to one-half less than what we pay in the US.

We need representatives who actually understand what ALL of the people want and need. On healthcare, I do not see that either Rodney Davis or Darrin LaHood have that critical understanding.

Janet Guaderrama,


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