Letters to the editor

It’s easy to mistakenly interchange climate and weather concepts, so people doubting climate change should rethink if they’re confusing weather data with climate data.

Climate is determined by compiling decades, even centuries, of information. Climatologists look for long-term trends and patterns to establish how climate is changing. Weather is the varying conditions day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year. Meteorologists use current data to forecast daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal weather.

Climate scientists have determined temperature patterns show warming that correlates with increasing carbon dioxide atmospheric levels. They have observed polar ice melt and rising sea levels resulting from higher temperatures.

Meteorologists know warmer air holds more moisture and temperatures influence air pressure and winds, increasing air flows from areas of varying pressure. These are factors that explain weather changes.

Skeptics often use weather data to “prove” climate isn’t changing. Citing December tornadoes in 1957 compared to 2018 led one such skeptic to incorrectly conclude similar numbers of tornadoes meant no climate change, but the data actually confirm December tornadoes are rare.

Understanding how consequences of global warming, such as severe storms, fires, floods, droughts and loss of coastal areas, are impacting people and economies and limiting carbon dioxide emissions are essential because climate change cannot be altered by an ignorant president with a Sharpie like that hurricane forecast map.

America deserves a knowledgeable, ethical, mentally-healthy president, so dump Trump and save our earth.

Linda L. Doenitz, Bloomington

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