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I am the owner of a hybrid vehicle and disagree with the recent editorial endorsing taxing by mileage. The editorial stated that hybrid owners don't buy as much gas as non-hybrid vehicles so we should pay our share for road usage.

There are several flaws in that argument from my perspective. First my vehicle weighs about 3,100 pounds empty and has an 11-gallon gas tank so fully fueled it weighs about 3,200 pounds. A typical gas-powered sedan weighs about 3,900 pounds and has a 16-gallon gas tank so fully fueled it weighs about 4,100 pounds and a van or SUV weighs about 5,000 pounds and has a 20-25 gallon gas tank so fully fueled weighs about 5,200 pounds.

This does not even account for the weight capacity that these larger vehicles can carry. My point is the heavier vehicles cause more damage to the roads than my hybrid and should be paying more for the upkeep of the highways. Of course the real cause of highway damage is the weight and travel frequency of the semi trucks, so maybe they should pay more. That would raise their cost and the cost to manufacturers, which would in turn raise their prices to consumers. That would make everyone help pay for the repairs, even those who ride on buses.

Steve Spencer, Bloomington

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