The lines of polarization seem to be hardening as various abortion viewpoints, pro or con, react to changing processes in the matter of terminating unborn babies. Some states are restricting abortion while others are extending it to horrifying limits.

Over time, abortion totals have reached upwards of 60 million innocent babies. How can this be? Do 60 million deaths jar most of us? Massive aborting happens because of clever and deceptive linguistics that tend to camouflage reality. Words and phrases mean things and can be used to tell the truth or to shade it. Pro-abortion adherents continue to resort to inexact terms. For instance, to avoid the negativity in being the opposite of pro-life, they use “pro-choice.” This mutes the correct opposite of pro-life, which is pro-death. Pro-choice designates neither pro-life or pro-death.

Other slick and inaccurate phrases are “reproductive freedom” and/or “reproductive rights.” These are misnomers of the highest level. In this, it’s the freedom to destroy a defenseless baby. This is incredibly deceptive.

Abortion has no connection to “reproduction.” Abortion is nothing other than “reduction.” And more aptly, “destruction.” Surely in abortion nothing is “produced.”

And too, the term “safe abortion” is often used. How can abortion be safe? Safe for whom? There is not a “safe” abortion. The baby is victim of a sorrowful destruction. Any alleged safety is for the mother. The baby is not safe in any way in the aborting process. How can a civilized society not recognize that?

I pray for “pro-life.”

Perry A. Klopfenstein,


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