Illinois reaches time of civil disobedience

Illinois reaches time of civil disobedience

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Letters to the editor

Flatten the curve to not overwhelm our hospital systems? Most of us went along with that approach given our lack of knowledge of the virus. We’ve done that. We did not surrender our rights and freedom.

Now we are being told to wear masks in order to conduct business in public. When asked to do something unnatural, our first response should be to uncover the risks. We exist in an open environment full of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Our bodies encounter these and our immune systems respond as best they can to protect us. It is the natural course of events. Wearing a mask inhibits this process and places us at greater risk for a negative outcome. We further inhibit our environmental interaction by staying at home in isolation.

There are five counties in Illinois having 88% of the virus cases and 88% of the deaths. This area of the state is what is being used to suppress and enslave the remaining 97 counties in Illinois. We cannot let this stand. It is time for civil disobedience.

Our knowledge is much greater now. A new response is needed. We know who is most at-risk. We know who has or had the virus. Quarantine the sick and leave the well of us alone.

Thomas Young, Bloomington


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