Now that the collusion investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller is finally ended, will the Democrats abandon the political and cantankerous war on President Donald Trump? Not yet!

The Democrat leadership has turned up the heat in the fantasy of their minds to try to bring down POTUS. What is really being hidden from the public since 2016? It's like the ancient true story from the Book of Esther in the Old Testament between Mordecai and Haman.

Being Queen Esther’s cousin, Mordecai was a very intelligent and fearless Jew. He sat at the front gates of the powerful King Xerxes' palace. Haman was the king's first right-hand agent with great pride. He expected everyone to kneel before him as he passed by. Mordecai refused to do so. Haman, being hot-headed with anger, got the king’s order to build a special gallows that he would have Mordecai to be hung on, while also hoping to annihilate all the Jews in the land. But by a miraculous turn of events, Haman and his family were hung on the same gallows that he built.

Because the king loved beautiful Queen Esther, all the Jews were saved from slaughter, which is remembered annually at the Feast of Purim by Judaism.

Moral truth stands that those with deceit and hatred will fall. Yes, with persistence and fearlessness, President Trump will be victorious over his political enemies, and I think he has a good chance winning in 2020.

Leon Kaeb, Bloomington


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