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Your representative decided to raise your taxes (for salaries below $100,000 annually). Again demonstrating disregard for constituents, U.S. Reps. Darin LaHood and Rodney Davis lied to us, pretended to care about the deficit and the legislative process. Impacting 100 percent of the nation and our economy, the tax policy passed without hearings, testimony or bipartisan input — rushed through to benefit their donors, not us. They know it's horrible.

Tax cuts for the wealthiest while hurting everyone else are opposed by patriotic millionaires, economists, scientists, home builders’ associations, healthcare providers, charitable organizations, college presidents. All have spoken out against this awful legislation.

Benefits for us are temporary in bill. College students, graduate students, teachers, homeowners, union members will all be taxed on non-income items, while every one of us loses personal exemptions. Labeled disastrous by both Forbes magazine and Reagan economic adviser Bruce Bartlett: "There's never been a tax cut in which taxes were raised on the poor to benefit the wealthy... It's insane.”

Our representatives have voted to directly harm us with votes to take away healthcare, make it easier for mentally ill to get guns and cut Medicare by $25 billion next year. Golf course owner? Huge tax cuts for you while children's health insurance ended.

We can let them know real consequences for ignoring us and their responsibilities. At $174,000 per year, let’s transfer that salary to someone who cares about the country and their constitutional oath. We want representatives who actually work for us. We just need to vote.

Brenda Wernick, Bloomington 

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