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LETTER: Democrats are destroying America
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LETTER: Democrats are destroying America

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Letters to the Editor - Pantagraph (copy)

Democrats are destroying America, our states, and our cities. They believe in open borders to illegal alien invaders while keeping our schools closed. They'll jail our citizens for not wearing a mask but will let illegal alien criminals stay in America and not be deported.

They'll build a wall around our Capitol yet open the walls on our borders. The worst cities and states in America are those with the highest crimes, taxes, homelessness, drugs, and debt, and are all run by Democrats. Even B-N is being taken over by Democrats. Shootings anymore don't even make the front page, we've now got a councilwoman wanting to defund the police, and a governor doing away with cash bond. You can now spit on a policeman and get out of jail free without putting cash up.

In our upcoming election, you can't tell who the conservatives or liberals are, who knows why, I guess the conservatives are afraid of being exposed and the liberals are ashamed of being one. The less restrictive, more free Republican states are all going mask less and doing great, almost normal, while the restricted Democrat states are still wearing their mask, shut down, and going more broke all the time.

The Democrats are now going after your guns (while themselves are protected by guns), they want to disarm everyone, to ultimately get rid of all guns. If a bad guy shoots a policeman, it's the gun's fault, but if a policeman shoots the bad guy, it's the policeman's fault. That's the democratic way.

Terry White, Bloomington


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