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LETTER: Why oppose Fair Tax amendment?

LETTER: Why oppose Fair Tax amendment?

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Letters to the Editor - Pantagraph (copy)

Republicans are opposing the constitutional amendment that would shift Illinois’ flat-rate income tax to a graduated-rate system. If the amendment passes, people making less than $250,000 will pay at the current rate or less, but there will be higher rates for income beyond $250,000. The idea is that the rich can afford to pay more.

Then why do the Republicans oppose the change? Are they the party of the rich? Is this in doubt? Consider that Ken Griffin, Illinois’ richest and an ally of former Republican Governor Rauner, has donated $20 million to a group of rich donors fighting the amendment. They think that they should pay at the same rate as you and I.

That donor group has a list of what they don’t like about the referendum, and the first three are “Gives politicians more power to raise taxes, gives politicians a blank check, opens the door for higher taxes on the middle-class.” But none of these give any reason to prefer the flat tax, which can also be raised by politicians.

What we see here is just nonsense designed for confusion. Would you expect them to admit the truth, that they don’t want to pay their fair share?

Of course, not all rich people are like that. Governor Pritzker doesn’t have as much as Griffin, but he has given $56.5 million to support the change. Fortunately, there are people who support causes that are good for the state and not just themselves.

Please vote for the amendment.

 Kenneth Berk, Normal


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