No one will win this abortion debate. Taking away services and choices is not the answer. We need to become proactive.

Studying what situations cause abortion and acting to improve lives could be the answer.

Equal pay could enable families to be able to care for their children. Currently Hispanic women earn 53% of their male counterparts, African American women 61%, and white women earn 77% in comparison to white men. Affordable healthcare for families would give peace of mind and the ability to meet their health needs.

Equality in educational opportunities in all neighborhoods would lift people up to be able to stop a cycle of poverty.

Put more women in roles where decisions are being made. We need laws to be created by equal numbers of men and women so that we hear of all experiences.

We must stop taking opportunities away from our most vulnerable people. Lifting each other up in these areas is a proactive and compassionate way to reduce the number of abortions.

Julie Knutson, Bloomington

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