In November of 2018, the phrase "delay, deny, deflect" became part of the nation's vernacular. Unfortunately, it seems that the Livingston County Board has adopted this as its method of dealing with constituents.

The board placed an ill-advised referendum on the November ballot to counter the citizens' advisory referendum, and avoided admitting their error by introducing two tax increases that failed to move beyond the board. They continue to delay acting on the citizens' question.

Most members of the board ignore emails, phone calls and committee or board public comment requests, refusing to respond. Thus they deny their own mission statement of being responsive to their constituents.

The board has refused to address temporary funding possibilities, such as budget amendments, fund transfers, GLCEDC grants or using contingency funds until the 2020 budget can be set, deflecting their responsibilities toward county citizens, those in need, and those who support this community care program.

These elected officials should support transparency in governing, and they should be responsive to their constituents. I ask you to email, call or attend a county board meeting, and ask them to fulfill their duties as representatives of the people of Livingston. I ask that you help follow the advice of another quote, paraphrased, "And still they persisted."

Joane S. Lipinski, Pontiac


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